Students hold Deviation concert to benefit Philippines’ poor

Students will get a chance to help out the impoverished of the Philippines by going to Deviation in the CFA on March 30. Deviation is a benefit concert run through the club Teens Reaching Out. This year’s hosts will be Victor Hernandez-Vega and Kyle Linayao.

“I am very excited to be hosting with Kyle,” said Hernandez-Vega. “I truly do consider it a privilege to be hosting in front of such an amazing crowd.”

All of this year’s proceeds will go to the Mahal Foundation, an organization benefitting the impoverished of the Philippines. The Mahal Foundation is dedicated to keeping orphanages open in the Philippines. Last year Deviation made $1,500. This year’s goal is to make over $2000.

Deviation began in 2007 when it was created by Katrina Han and Julia Joung through TRO, which Han created. The concert will bring together performers from all over the Bay Area, including CVHS students. Performers from CVHS will include Kalin White and Myles Parrish, Mae Muldez, Erin Ballar, Joria Bello, Alex Esparza, Thien Hyunh, and Joey Toor. Other performers will come from San Jose and San Francisco.

“The concert will be extremely successful. We have nothing less than amazing acts. This year we plan on making it bigger than ever in the CFA,” said Hernandez-Vega.

Tickets will be available at the door for $7 and pre-sale tickets will be sold from March 26-30 for $6. Deviation shirts, water and small food items will be sold at the concert. For more information on the Mahal Foundation go to

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