Textbook shortage preventing students from doing homework

A large number of CVHS students are being forced to share books after forgetting to bring their ID cards to school, making them unable to pick up their own textbooks.

The recent problems with book distributions at CVHS are being blamed on the large number of students attending the school, and the low amount of funding the school has to work with. But Susan Hale, the book distributor on campus, explained that the problem lies with distribution, and not that actual number of books.

“All the books we need are being ordered, but since I’m only getting paid for a part time job, students can’t get to me because I’m not around,” she said.

Some students have to share their book with three or more people, and that can frustrate teachers.

“Sometimes I am sharing my book with my friends because they can’t do their homework [because they don’t have a book],” said freshman Amy McCormick. “The teachers have a hard time completing the lesson when not everybody has books.”

Teachers all around the country, including at CVHS, have had their pay cut, but Hale feels that all students need textbooks.

As of now, textbooks needed by students are not yet at the campus, but “they have been ordered and they are coming,” said Hale.

CVHS students have been asking to change the current policy that does not allow students to check out textbooks without an ID card.

“We need to be able to change the system so everyone can get books they need,” said McCormick.

Hopefully in the future of CVHS, students will be able to check out textbooks without ID cards, and everyone will be able to have their own textbooks.

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