Drop-in tutoring offers help in English, algebra, and geometry

Drop-in tutoring began began Nov. 7 for all students needing help in English, algebra, and geometry. The tutoring takes place in the Learning Center (the portables between the gym and 700 hall) every Monday and Thursday from 3:45 to 4:45 p.m.  The program was started to enable a support system for students who are struggling in either math or English.

“It is our goal to increase every student’s  chance at achieving success in their classes,” said Assistant Principal Erica Ehmann. The tutoring program is scheduled to last until around the end of the school year. This will provide students the time needed to study for major tests such class finals, as well as complete all homework for classes they struggle in.
CVHS staff members, community educators, and peer tutors and others will be present to aid students in a variety of academic needs. These community educators include college students and college graduates who are paid to help students requiring assistance.
For those that attend, the sessions will promote excellent study habits that may follow students well into their college careers. The whole idea of the “drop-in” aspect was a way to lure students into the idea that studying isn’t a menacing process, and is just as easy as picking a seat and beginning work.

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