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CVHS counselors to change divisions

Next year, counselors will be changing the way they divide up students they help through high school.

“It would be my hope that before the end of school we finalize the plan and can notify the students and parents,” said Assistant Principal Jason Whiteman. The counselors have talked about it, and are looking for feedback from the administrators.
The maximum number of students to counselors is supposed to be 425 to 1, but because of special cases, some CVHS counselors have more than that and some have less. In order to fix this, to adhere to the teachers’ union contracts and have the students more evenly spread among the counselors, “we’re probably going to have it broken down by alphabet,” said counselor Duane Magno, instead of by class.
Under the new system, each counselor will be responsible for a seventh of each grade and care for students from each grade. The number of counselors is higher in CVHS than other high schools in the area.
“It’s our job to make sure we provide the best for kids,” said Whiteman. “All of our counselors are knowledgeable and caring, and can handle it all with compassion.”
The counselors are going to lose some of the students they have already had for recent years, so it will be a significant change for many students whose counselor will be switched.
It seems as though “we aren’t going to be able to interact with them as much,” Magno added, because the change will involve losing students and getting to know new students, instead of keeping those from the past few years.
It will mean new relationships, and there won’t be the added comfort of having known the counselors for a couple of years already for the students. It takes time to get to know others, so the counselors will have to make up for lost time with their new students.