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CVHS athletics change course

CVHS sports teams may stay in the NCS Bay Shore Conference despite an earlier decision to move to the Valley Conference, said Assistant Principal Jason Whiteman.

The two factors that are considered when placing schools into conferences and leagues are geographical proximity and competitive equity.  In other words, the goal is to ensure that teams do not travel outrageous distances to play games and that the games are of fair competition.

The plan to leave the current league, the Bay Shore Conference’s Hayward Area Athletic League, arose because budget cuts have prevented many of the league’s schools from maintaining teams at varying levels (frosh, junior varsity, varsity).  In response to this request, CVHS was placed in the Valley Conference’s East Bay Athletic League (EBAL), one of the most competitive leagues in Northern California, according to Whiteman.

However, CVHS Athletic Department members have determined that a move to the EBAL would force CVHS teams to travel too far.  It would also require that they play teams that are too difficult to adequately compete with.

The new proposal is for CVHS to be readmitted to the Bay Shore Conference and for a ten-team super league to be created within the conference. Thus, CVHS teams would be playing close schools with more revenue.

“We are hoping it is going to happen,” explained Whiteman about the potential acceptance of the new proposal.  “It’s really good for our school if it does happen.”

Many of the pending proposals will be decided on at a meeting of the Bay Shore and Valley Conferences in the third week of April.  Although the conferences will vote on which league CVHS will be placed into, the results of the vote will not take effect until the 2012-2013 school year.