Permits, $50 tickets coming to CVHS streets

Alameda County has recently approved a plan to require residential parking permits to park on streets surrounding CVHS. The plan aims to preserve parking for residents who now compete for spaces with students. The fine for parking without a permit will be $50, according to the  Sheriff’s Department..The official date for the law to be in effect is still to be announced.

These permits will be required to park on parts of Santa Maria Avenue, Lux Avenue, San Miguel Avenue and Garrison Avenue on weekdays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

According to Rick Yeung of Alameda County’s Public Works Agency, the proposition was made by two-thirds of the residents on the streets who created a petition for this law. Now, the county is calling and sending the letters to all the residents on the streets and once all are informed, the law will be in effect.

“The residents on these streets will benefit a lot,” said Yeung. “It will be more convenient for them to have their own personal parking spaces.”

Once the permits are necessary, the residents will have to pay $25 and $15 for senior citizens for each car. The residents on the streets get two parking permits of no cost, but beyond that, they will have to pay for additional permits. Additionally, since this is an annual parking permit, it will cost $15 to renew it each year.

Students will no longer get to park on the streets anymore and will have to find another area. Some students don’t really mind, but others are outraged.

Senior Luke Shin didn’t have a clue about the proposition and had mixed feelings on the issue.

“I don’t even pay attention to what street I park on!” exclaimed Shin. “I really don’t care; I’ll just find another street.”

Junior Richard Le didn’t mind the new parking restrictions.

“Well since I’m a junior, I guess I can just deal with it and get a senior lot permit next year.” said Le. “Besides, I park on Mabel anyway.”

Those students who don’t buy school parking lot permits will have to find other parking spots once the law comes into effect.  Of course there will always be the option of not driving to school at all.

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