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Poetry Power: “Nuestro Salvador”

The Olympian is excited to share another poem by junior Maggie Rodas titled “Nuestro Salvador.” This poem is about the atrocities people bear in the cages, in the camps, and in the vans that are transported everywhere,” she said. “It is about the children, the women, the love that is still upon them even through what they bare. It shows the power people have to continue and grow. It allows us to see how this still goes on and how we need to continue and bring this up more. It is not okay.”

Nuestro Salvador

It is not okay

How many times

Do our people need to disappear and we call it an accident 

How many times 

Do my own people need to say I love you through vents 

Birthing nothing but lovely words, as you lash yourself upon us 

How many times

Do we need to be on our knees needing to pray to god

But instead we have to consume children

How many times 

Do we need to be on our back hoping what we bare give us our freedom   

We all have our representatives

Telling us a few more days, weeks,

A few more lives in this mess is what they mean

How many times

Do the children we see on the news need to beg for some food 

Teaching one another what to say

When they get the chance of freedom

What to do when they see them

Seeing a savior, seeing our god

Before we gone from our love and home

Yet you continue to separate families

 Adding more enemies to your side

And continue to listen to our cries

To our yells in complete silence

To our children weeping for another day outside

Because who knows when they’ll see the clear sky again

You need men to fight in the chaos you cause

The same men you caged, the same men whose mom 

They have lost in your arms

Understand we are no different

We fight for our future

We fight for our children of the future

Understand we aren’t divergent because of the walls you build

We will continue to fight

We will continue to unite one another

Understand, our voice is our power

And no day will we ever be quiet.