Poetry Power: “Poetry Season”

As we head into summer, The Olympian shares its last poem of the school year by sophomore Dianne Jin titled “Poetry Season”. “In reflection of the summer season and summer break coming soon, I remember I used to read outside during drowsy summer afternoons,” she wrote. “In the poem, I hope that I have captured the different times during a summer day when one can open a book of poetry and read with the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of summertime.”

Poetry Season

Summer is the time for poetry. 

The welcoming blue skies

sprinkled with clouds

accompanied by the warm air

Under the shade of a tree

or in a sitting room with a 

comfortable seat

The sultry nights 

where a lamp from afar

seems like a candle floating 

adrift in the darkness

When crickets and night creatures make their noises 

when children of nearby 

play before the parents call

When dawn’s light 

trickles through blinds 

or rush through the glass

allow sweet and mellow words 

to be said in soft morning quietness

The simple rhymes,

hidden meanings,

melodic sounds, 

meld together in the summer days.

Yes, summer is the time for poetry.