Clubs team up to support Meals on Wheels

Seniors in Alameda county are in need of meals. Ever since the pandemic began, more requests have been put into Meals on Wheels for food.

The Meals on Wheels Club is working hard on this issue. Even after just starting this semester, the Meals on Wheels Club recognized this problem and is working to make a difference. Club President Samra Lulseged discovered the COVID Recovery Club and reached out.

“The fundraiser represented something that both of our clubs were working around and we both wanted to bring awareness to,” stated Erika Sun, president of the COVID Recovery Club.

From March 26 to May 1, the fundraiser was on a platform called Givebutter. All the money was sent directly to the Meals on Wheels Organization for seniors who requested meals. Being flexible allowed the fundraiser to reach beyond CVHS and into the community of Castro Valley.

The clubs set and surpassed a goal to raise $1,000. The whole fundraiser raised enough money for over 100 meals for seniors in Alameda County.

“The fundraiser went way better than I had ever expected,” Lulseged commented.

“If our clubs can contribute one dollar, one meal, or even one smile on one face it makes a positive impact,” said Thomas Maloney, the activities director at CVHS.

The entire event was advertised through social media and it was put on the CVHS website. 

It turned out to be a huge success and both the Meals on Wheels Club and COVID Recovery Club are planning to continue bringing joy and aid to those in need in the upcoming school year at CVHS.

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