Juniors introduce students to coding

Nowadays, computers are used everywhere as well as in every occupation. From science to engineering, computers play a major role in transforming a once tedious task to a much more trivial one.

However, we constantly use computers without understanding the work that makes them so useful and easily navigable. Coding, the process of using a programming language to make a computer behave as desired, is an imperative skill to master and can open the doors to hundreds of well-paying occupations.

CVHS juniors Elijah Hosaka, Anjan Nanisetti, and Alec Fong have created the cvhscodingclub or Coding ++ as a method of introducing students into the vast world of coding or expanding coding-interested students’ knowledge and expertise in the field.

“At this point in time, the school only offers AP Computer Science as a class starting junior year. We want to offer a place where people can learn about coding at an earlier time than the school allows,” said Fong, one of the founders.

Rather than introducing the concept of coding to interested students junior year, these three juniors are striving to do so as soon as students walk through the CVHS doors for the first time.

Club meetings, every week on Fridays at 3 p.m., will feature a multitude of amusing events and exercises to help encourage students’ learning capabilities on the subject of coding.

“Throughout the year, our club will host and provide competitions where club members can participate and win prizes. We will cater resources, such as optional problem sets, where students can practice for competitions and or learn coding in general. We will work on fun and engaging coding side projects as well as offer tutoring groups for students who might need help on computer science homework,” explained Hosaka, the club president.

By becoming a member of this club, you won’t simply be learning coding. This club will provide all the members with an uplifting and supportive community in assisting members with their computer science homework. 

To put it simply, Coding ++ is essentially an outlet for CVHS students to learn how to code regardless of whether they are eligible to take AP Computer Science or not. A collaborative community of coders.

“DM us @cvhscodingclub on Instagram for more details. We meet every Friday at 3 p.m. Hope to see you there,” announced Nanisetti.

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