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CVHS choirs sing virtually

With school starting out online at CVHS, choir classes have faced the challenge of singing together virtually. While other classes still function semi-normally, choir classes are far from the same as students are not able to sing in the same room together with direction from their teacher. 

During a regular class, students would usually go through warm-ups and transition to singing their repertoire. Online class consists of learning about techniques and history. Students also submit individual recordings of their voices.

“We go over proper technique for singing and music history, and sing a little at home,” said junior Isabel Enriquez. 

Although students are still able to see each other and sing, a lot of them miss getting to sing together in class.

“The only thing about virtual choir that’s the same is that it’s Ms. Sadoway teaching and it’s focus is singing, but we don’t get to sing together in real time. I’d much rather be singing in a group rather than staring at a screen,” junior Jason Bauman said.

However, the students are glad that they still get to have a choir class and that the choir community is still present.

“Virtual choir is something that will take some getting used to, but it’s nice to know that that community is still there through these trying times,” said Enriquez. 

The solo recordings that students are submitting will get put together and become virtual performances that others can view, but it is a lot of work. Laryssa Sadoway, the choir director, has already put together a vocal track of the school anthem and is working on a Cabaret performance that will go on the CVHS choir’s YouTube channel. 

“Currently we are layering on different tracks and individual student parts to blend together a real choir! Though difficult when it comes to video editing, we are trying to make the process smoother with the help of techie students,” said choir council Co-President Ben Chen.

“Each individual performer sings their own line then submits an mp3 and then we audio edit it together, so imagine 215 students and then if you want to add video you have to sync the video to the audio,” Sadoway explained. “Madrigals have already successfully been able to to do an audio track of the Alma Mater in the first four weeks of schools.” 

Although it is unknown what will happen in the second semester of school, there will still be a Pops performance that students can see. 

“If for whatever reason we are still totally virtual second semester, there will still be a Pops. If we are 100 percent together, there will be a Pops. We will do something and present because it is just a really important tradition in our program,” Sadoway reassured.

“There will most definitely be a Pops 2021 this year! But whether Pops is a livestream or a live in-person performance, the Pops leadership group is actively planning ahead and ensuring that this amazing event takes place,” Chen excitedly shared.