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English teacher enjoyed students and learning

Linda Witnov is leaving CVHS by the end of the year after 15 years of teaching at CVHS. The English teacher, who is currently teaching sophomore English and literature and film, is spending her last few months of teaching in distance learning.

“I’m saddened not to see my students’ faces every day,” Witnov said.  “Yet at the same time, I’m deeply moved by the way that people in Castro Valley have managed to connect and create goodness.”

At the start of her career, she had many different passions including music and psychology.  It wasn’t until Witnov worked as an outreach coordinator for a mathematics curriculum development group that she realized that she wanted to work with high schoolers using English to combine her passions.

Throughout her teaching career, Witnov has enjoyed learning from her students and seeing how they view the stories she teaches. She wants her students to be honest while reading and writing. She wants students to stay true to themselves and create their own opinions on the topics she teaches.

During her retirement and after quarantine, Witnov plans to work on a literary committee at a theatre company in San Francisco

2 thoughts on “English teacher enjoyed students and learning

  • Lauren Ferguson

    Ms. Witnov was one of my favorite teachers at cvhs. She always tried her best to engage her students in learning and pushed us to do our absolute best.

  • Lindsey Suarez

    She seems like an amazing teacher, CVHS is going to miss her.

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