Nguyen spreads positivity through social media

CVHS should be a place filled with love and joy. Junior Vivian Nguyen is doing her part by spreading love through social media. Nguyen has racked up over 90k followers on Instagram by posting “wholesome” content. These posts display cute pictures with even cuter captions. 

Her account started around a year ago after Nguyen was inspired through some posts on the explore page of Instagram. Nguyen also saw a lot of unnecessary cyber-bullying and negativity that broke her heart. She used this account as an outlet for her and other people away from all of the negativity. 

“There was a lot of negativity and toxicity in my life at the time. I felt like I really just needed a little wholesomeness or love, and I felt like everyone could use a bit of that too,” Nguyen said. 

The popularity of the account pleasantly surprised Nguyen as well as her friends. She started gaining thousands of followers quickly. 

“I made the account to spread love, but I never expected it to reach as many people as it did,” Nguyen said. 

The comments on her posts are from people all over the world. People will “tag” other people in a form of communicating through social media. Through all of the tagging, the positivity spreads.

Although the future of the account is still in the air, Nguyen plans to stick to her main goal of spreading positivity. 

“I plan to just keep trying to spread positivity and love as much as I can and just to stay active on the account. I don’t have any big future plans for it,” Nguyen said. 

She was very nervous at first of what people would think, especially at CVHS; however, students and staff at CVHS have been nothing but supportive. Judgement and criticism was a mental obstacle for Nguyen. 

“They would be surprised when they see the large following but show that they are really proud of me for my growth and efforts to spread more love,” Nguyen said. 

CVHS students and staff can show their support for this positivity by following her.  

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