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Trojan Time gives students time to explore

Since the start of second semester, the option to join Trojan Talks or Trojan Halls has started. With more options for Trojan Time, students can choose to listen to a guest speaker in the library or join a study hall. 

Trojan Hall was created as a study hall for students in the cafeteria to have a quiet space to do work. Students wanting to join Trojan Hall are expected to have all As and Bs and have excellent attendance. 

“Currently Trojan Hall has a cap of 100 and depending on how it goes, anticipating that it would be successful, we want it to get larger with space and capacity,” said teacher Candice Tigerman. 

Trojan Talks was created to bring guest speakers to help encourage and inspire students on how to become successful in adulthood. It occurs every first and second Tuesday of each month during Trojan Time. 

“I’m excited for Trojan Talks because it’s a way for us to bring in community members, artists, and activists as it can be additional information for students to help them and potentially open doors to new ideas and interests,” said librarian Dana Adams. 

The first guest speaker for Trojan Talks, Daniel Pak, came to speak on Feb. 4 and 11 as he discussed on how to prepare yourself financially in the future and setting goals. He started a passion of entrepreneurship and financing at a young age, having worked corporate bank jobs, and owning and selling several businesses. Pak enjoys helping others plan ahead fincially and set goals for adulthood. 

The next guest speaker is local LGBTQ activist and founder of Castro Valley Pride, Billy Bradford. He will arrive on March 3 to speak at the CVHS Library. He worked with several organizations in support of marriage equality and last year was arrested at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. while protesting unequal LGBTQ hiring practices. Bradford is known locally in Castro Valley for volunteering at the Center for the Arts, DJing at Castro Valley schools, and running his Bad Business Model Bikes for those in need. 

“I do believe this will benefit students as it’s just extra information, inspiration, community member and artist exposure. I think that it can be very inspiring,” said Adams.