CVHS Choir goes above and beyond at San Mateo

Choir teacher Laryssa Sadoway took Honor Choir students to rehearse at San Mateo High School on Nov. 21-22 as part of the Coastal Region Honor Choir (CCDA) to perform in concert with hundreds of Honor Choir students across the state on Nov. 23. 

Honor Choir students said they’ve been practicing in school during Trojan Time and on their own time as well for the days leading up to this nerve-wracking, yet exciting event.

Honor Choir students from CVHS have attended this regional event for a long time, but it is Sadoway’s seventh time sending students.

The first time Sadoway sent students, only three were accepted to participate in the event, but this year a total of 22 were accepted.

“I’m always very excited, but this year I’m very nervous,” said second year Honor Choir student Emma Koslosky.

Once at San Mateo, Honor Choir students from all over the state go through a process where they are judged to distinguish whether they are qualified to perform at the concert.

This year’s judging was based upon the ability to sing an Italian song from memory, pitch memory, and sight reading, which is seeing the notes and singing them. 

“They get 45 minutes to learn the music on their own, without help from their teachers. They will be sent home if they don’t know their music before the first rehearsal,” said Sadoway.

For those who passed the examination, they go through rehearsal for about five to 12 hours a day, for two days where they perfect their voices together.

This all paid off when the lights dimmed and hundreds of voices coincided with one another melodiously for an unforgettable concert. 

“Hundreds of talented singers and musicians were united and we all had the same passion and love for choral music. Since it was my senior year, I decided to give honor choir a try, and I’m so glad I did. Honor choir was an exhilarating experience,” said senior Anita Wong.

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