Galli pursues his passions

“It was a lot of work… but it was fun.” That was what CVHS senior Declan Galli had to say about his involvement in the community.

As the leader of the Smart Environment Club, which has newly merged with the Garden Club, he has a lot on his plate. We can all see the club’s efforts manifested in the new school garden (after the last one was taken down due to construction) and in ramped-up recycling efforts.

The SEC is not his beginning in leadership.

Declan attributes his success to the Boy Scouts National Youth Leadership Training program. The Boy Scouts program’s qualification for becoming an Eagle Scout involved his organizing a community service event, for which he had managed to muster more than 30 people. And the purpose of his chosen activity? Gardening near the front office of the school.

He loves to lead and organize events, which is his motivation for all the work he has done (including a job in summer camp, which he has attended numerous times.)

It is not only gardening he enjoys, however. He is a member of She’s the First, a women’s rights organization, and participates in choir at school with which he qualified for local honor choir and perforrmed at the Cabaret concert. He backpacks monthly to connect with nature, and reads the news often to feel connected to the world otherwise.

The sheer amount of work he does is impressive, to say the least. If there is anything to learn from Galli, it is that you can make something out of your passions.

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