Marya’s Martinelli Masterpiece

Since the age of two, the talented junior Marya Gilbert has been doodling works of art. Gilbert is one of the few who had the opportunity to attend an elite pre-college art program over the summer.  

Gilbert is known to many as an extremely down to earth artist. “She doesn’t even brag about her art which is insane because she’s one of the most talented people I have ever met,” fellow student Katy Siler exclaimed. Siler isn’t Gilbert’s only big fan. Gilbert’s artwork has been seen and admired by huge amounts of people.

Gilbert recently finished her first serious painting. This piece is about 12 by 18 inches and uses the acrylic paint technique to give off the effect of vibrant color. Gilbert’s painting is of a “Martinelli Sparkling Apple Juice” glass bottle. When looking at this piece, you feel you have the ability to grab the bottle and take a cold refreshing sip. Gilbert’s painting seems as if it is jumping off the canvas.

Every summer in Oakland, California College of the Arts (CCA) hosts an program that focuses on the field of art for students going into their junior and senior year. This art program includes multiple courses to study about that range from architecture, graphic design, to painting and drawing.

Gilbert attended the advanced drawing class for four hours in the morning, then went on her way to the painting course for another four hours in the evening. This time consuming, but rewarding, program lasted for four weeks. This course develops the artists technical skills and how to improve their drawing and painting. This studio course is designed for advanced students who are eager to experiment with the boundaries of art. Last summer was the first time Gilbert began learning how to enhance her painting skills.

During the last two weeks of the program, Gilbert constructed her first painting series. At the end of the four weeks, CCA showcases the best selected art pieces from the program at their college art show. Gilbert’s artwork was part of the selection and was then chosen out of 200 entries to receive an award, which was a $4,000 scholarship to return to the same program the following summer. Gilbert is excited and tremendously grateful to have the ability to continue attending the program in 2019.

Gilbert’s love for art has shaped her creativity in many ways. “I can always make something new out of nothing,” she said.

Gilbert has already produced many art pieces and is planning to make even more.

Gilbert also played a big role on the juniors homecoming float committee by drawing the characters and designing the ideas for the back portion of the float. Gilbert’s beautiful, hand drawn images were displayed during the CVHS homecoming march and the assembly that followed.

Gilbert wants to pursue a career in the future that focuses in the art field. Gilbert hopes to become a creative based art director, which manages the aesthetic of everything when it comes to sets on tv shows, or in museums.

Creating art is extremely impactful on Gilbert’s life. Art allows Gilbert to work her mind and escape realities.

“Art is a way to express myself,” she said. Gilbert’s future artwork consists of more masterpieces to come.

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