Senior artist takes the art world by storm

Meet Isabella Bzowski, the self taught charcoal artist coming from Poland. She has been drawing and creating art ever since she was a little girl and is showing no sign of stopping.

Bzowski, age 17, had never taken an art class prior to entering high school and enrolling in studio art at CVHS. Through the years, she has developed her own personal style without any professional help.

She described her favorite piece as the current one she is working on in AP Studio Art in which she uses white charcoal on black paper to demonstrate the path of emotions. 

“It is based off emotions fading away using the illustration of fog,” Bzowski explained. According to Bzowski, the fog hides the path that you are walking on but will eventually fade, just as emotions will come and go with time.  

After completing high school, Bzowski plans on getting her master’s degree in digital art at the University of Nevada Reno and then pursuing a career in film or video game design.

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