Library website updated with new tools and features

The CVHS library website has finally gotten the update we’ve all been waiting for.

“The website is to offer free resources to student and teachers with free information. It is a place for students to discover new things as well,” said librarian Dana Adams.

The new website includes a music blog, a contemporary art page (much of the art work posted involves social justice issues), book blogs, and a digital poster.

Now, not only is the CVHS library website useful for academics, but it also gives the students and teachers an opportunity to discover new music, and stay updated on relevant social issues.

Another new update is the login system. The students are now able to create an account, or login, with their student google account. Through their account, they can view a list of books they have checked out.

Also, there is also a new book catalog which shows the students what books are available in the library.

Adams describes this feature as “patron empowerment,”  because it gives the student some control and knowledge of the books they have. This way, there is less confusion going into the library.

“The new website is overall just more efficient for the students and teachers.” said Adams.

This is incredibly thoughtful for students of CVHS, and makes the library experience even more enjoyable. The website can be found at


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