Here comes iPhone X

What is the difference between the iPhone X and earlier models? Why are they so expensive? These are some of the many questions people have whenever Apple releases a new addition.

Whenever Apple releases a fresh iPhone into the market, Apple stirs up international hype around the new product by introducing new technology and next generation features. The biggest critics of Apple will tell you there’s little difference between the new product and the one from the previous generation, but here are some features that’ll prove that the iPhone X is featuring innovations never seen before.

The biggest new feature on the iPhone X is the newly introduced facial recognition, which instantly allows you to unlock your phone, pay for your apps and authenticate in just a glance. The iPhone analyzes around 30,000 points on your face to map out your facial features. This sensitivity and accuracy allows for precise facial recognition, even in the dark. Furthermore, the precise mapping allows for the phone to recognize you even after you change your hairstyle, grow facial hair, wear glasses, hats or accessories. Facial recognition not only guarantees effortless access to your phone, but it also provides absolute security as it can differentiate facial features between twins, pictures and masks.

Another tremendous factor contributing to the iPhone X hype train is the fact that Apple decided to, after countless requests from the consumers, install wireless charging to iPhone X. The all new wireless feature means that as long as you have a charging pad, you’ll be able to charge wherever you go without the need of a plug, and it charges as much as 50 percent in a mere 30 minutes. However the battery pad does not come with the iPhone X and must be purchased separately for the price of $60.

Speaking of prices, the iPhone will cost at a whopping $999 (starting price) and will range up to $1150 depending on its storage. The price will no doubt be the biggest reason consumers will refuse to buy it and turn to cheaper alternatives such as the iPhone 8, 8+ or perhaps another brand altogether. Many feel that the price is grossly inflated through being overhyped.

Critics have labeled the iPhone X as overpriced and expects it to flop upon its release in November. However, only time will tell if the iPhone X and its frontier innovations can live up to the monumental hype and expectations of audience and critics alike.

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