School trip to Berlin, Germany

In the beginning of the summer, I visited Europe on a school trip. Even though I had a ton of unforgettable moments around Europe, my favorite part was the place that started it all: Berlin, Germany.

We were introduced to Berlin’s fast public transportation system. The trains were crowded, and the doors did not stop for anyone. We quickly arrived at Alexanderplatz. The square was huge; it was filled with stores, tourist shops, and small eateries. Berlin’s city vibe did not hinder the traditional and beautiful value of its architecture.

Next on our list of exploring Berlin was its artistic side and the Berlin Wall. We toured the streets of Berlin to find inspired graffiti artworks, and walked along the wall to see the infamous paintings. Our tour guide Cian broke down the history of the Berlin Wall by drawing with chalk on the ground near the wall. While touring around, we saw interesting pieces of artwork that carried meaning and history, and heard amazing stories of how they were created.

Around Berlin, we saw golden blocks on the ground that people accidentally stepped on. They were mini memorials of victims of the Holocaust. We also visited a museum dedicated to the wall and its history, but my favorite part was trying Berlin’s most famous food item: the currywurst.

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