Amazing summer trip to China

Every year, I get the amazing opportunity of flying across the world to Guangzhou, China to visit some of my relatives that live there. I go there every summer for a duration of about three to four weeks, but the trip never gets old. Guangzhou is just as much my home as Castro Valley is, despite the short amount of time I stay there.

My favorite things to do in Guangzhou are to go out and eat dim sum, walk around the busy streets, and go window-shopping at large malls. I find it exhilarating to live among so many people and loud noises, and every day is an fun experience, no matter how ordinary it may sound. I enjoy walking by the familiar local food shops, the hair salon across the street, the marketplace a few blocks away, the stationary shop I often go to to buy whatever cheap pens or pencils that aren’t available in the U.S., and of course, I enjoy spending quality time with family members that I only see once a year.

I especially love walking by the Pearl River, an extensive river that runs through the heart of the city. I have a nice view of it from the balcony of my grandma’s apartment, and at night, I can see the beautiful bright lights of the boats going by on the river, coupled with the rich night air and flashing lights from the skyscrapers nearby. As I near the end of my trip, I look out at the lights and think to myself, see you next year.

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