Online student experience with the hybrid system

School has reopened and the hybrid system has finally begun. As a student that will continue doing classes from home, there have been many upsides and downsides to the hybrid system for me.

Although a majority of school for kids staying at home is the same, teachers now have access to more things at school which is making learning much easier. Many of my teachers have begun using their whiteboards and displaying announcements and problems on them which is making it easier to visualize things especially in classes like math and chemistry that are classes in which some people are visual learners. It has made learning and understanding concepts much easier.

Since school has only just started again, many teachers are having trouble with technology and maintaining both an online class and an in-person class, and it is very time consuming and difficult. They have to direct their attention to two places and also do this while trying to share their screens and explain concepts to their classes, which they are all doing a really good job of. The shift must be difficult for staff and teachers with all of the regulations and rules for safety that they have to follow, but they have all been handling it very well so far.

The hybrid system has also brought a new schedule change that has been very helpful because of the extra time it now gives students. School used to end around 1:45 p.m., but school now ends at 12:20 p.m., which gives so much more time for students to do homework and study. This week has been pretty overwhelming with work for me but with the schedule change, I was able to finish multiple assignments right after school which even gave me extra time to do other things that I enjoy doing outside of school. It seems to be a much more efficient schedule.

Staying at home has also made waking up for school much easier. Since kids doing remote learning don’t have to leave their homes to go to school, that means we are able to wake up a bit later than other students and still have time to get ready and to prepare for the day. It saves time, instead of having to get ready and drive to school.

On the first day back from spring break, I remember feeling a bit left out as I saw students going back to school but for the most part, teachers and other students have been trying their best to include online students in conversations and lessons which makes the experience much more enjoyable. 

Overall, I think the hybrid system has proven to be successful for students at home, as shown in its first week. I am excited to see how the rest of the year unfolds and to see improvements with the system as everyone gains a little more experience with it.

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