Freshmen and senior siblings

When the bell rings on the first day of school, timid freshmen look for their classes, while seniors pull on their nicest sweatpants and mosey to class. But what happens when seniors have freshmen siblings?

As the iconic Lion King song said “It’s the circle of life.” Three pairs of senior/freshman siblings gave us a glimpse of what it’s like to go through this class metamorphosis. All three pairs of siblings were asked the same questions, but the answers were radically different.

Quilleran (senior) and Grayson (freshman) Cronwall can be seen having intellectual conversations, and love to laugh together. When asked if his older brother gave him high school advice before school, Grayson answered a simple, “No,” but when asked about things he would do similarly to his brother. Grayson stated, “The language trips sound fun,” and after further consideration, “he’s made raps, and that sounds pretty fun.”

The two brothers bond together over marching band and music. With final advice to his younger brother Quilleran remarked, “Don’t do drugs, and make lots of friends.”

Sisters Suhayla (senior) and Kameela (freshman) Hassan, love to tease each other with a witty and loving dialogue that only siblings can have. When asked if her older sister has prepared her for high school Kameela said, “No,” but is very excited to start her high school career.

She’s excited about  “more classes, and meeting more people, and learning a language” in addition to, “only two more years of physical education (PE).”

The two sisters hang out together on block days at lunch, and sometimes at break. Kameela does not believe that she will follow her sister’s footsteps stating, “Everything is different, we have a lot of different interests.”

Suhayla gave her sister some last advice, “It’s different than middle school, you have to change a lot.”

The last pair of siblings is Keanu (senior) and Caillou (freshman) Dasalla. Both brothers have a loving banter, as Caillou is eager and ready to start high school.

When asked if Keanu has given him advice Caillou said, “Yeah he’s given me advice: Get a smaller backpack, and learn how to manage locker space.”

In terms of if he would do things differently or the same as his brother Caillou simply said, “I don’t know,” but Keanu knew of some differences right off the bat, “I stay after school to do homework, but he needs to go home to do his.”

With one last piece of advice Keanu told his brother, “Don’t procrastinate, that’s the golden rule.”

One thing that is apparent is that nothing can come between sibling love. Having an older brother or sister can be helpful to learn from their mistakes, to possibly have a better understanding of what high school is really about, and most of all having someone at a new school that you know will always have your back.

But each class is different, and each person is different. The freshmen will have a completely different experience from their older siblings, but will remember the advice that they were given during their high school careers.

For these older siblings, the class of 2016  will always be tied  to the class of 2019.

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