Student’s script strides to the big stage

At CVHS we have a plethora of talented people, from dominating athletes to fantastic musicians. Now Castro Valley is the home to senior Sami Cowan, who won second place in a writing competition for a script she wrote. The play will be performed live at the California Thespian Festival of 2015.

Her one act script was written for her final in Advanced Drama.

“I wrote a one act about a couple kids that get locked inside a classroom during a blizzard. It’s kind of sad actually. One of the characters dies at the end and the narrator is sort of like the ghost of a girl who’s been there for a while. It’s supposed to be the way people deal with death,” Cowan explained.

She didn’t think much of her script, but drama teacher Tiffany Daily thought elsewise. She convinced Cowan to enter her script into this writing competition called Playworks. Playworks gets hundreds of entries each year, and a couple of winners are chosen.

Both drama teachers are very proud of Cowan, and rightfully so.

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