“Still I Rise” concert leaves audience enchanted

The CVHS choir performed their spring recital “Still I Rise” on Thursday, May 16 at 7 p.m.. The sound of 248 CVHS students’ voices rebounded off the walls into the ears of the amazed audience.

The recital began with the vocal ensemble performing four wonderful and talented songs, filling the CFA with delight. After these singers had left the stage, Les Chantueses entered and began its set. The second song consisted only of sounds, no lyrics. The singers became almost like human instruments. The crowd loved this, and applauded their hearts away. The girls performed three more songs after “Muie Rendera.” When they had received their applause and finished their last song, they exited the stage and were followed by the A Cappella Choir. They consisted mostly of upperclassmen and sang three songs that stood out of the five. The last song they sung was “Jabberwocky.” Seven of the singers had brought some instruments on stage and were playing them in addition to singing, which made the song that much better.

A quick 15-minute intermission with a concession stand selling snacks to raise money for the choir program, as well as a jewelry stand supporting the Jenny Lin Foundation, gave the seniors in the choir program some time to get ready for their set. After everyone was back and seated, choir director Laryssa Sadoway began to say a few words about her seniors.

“They were the ones I was most nervous about. And I don’t think I could have inherited a better senior class,” Sadoway said, wiping away a few tears as she began the performance.

They sang “Fields of Gold” with such passion, one could tell they really were going to miss the program. The seniors that stayed all four years of their high school career wore green and yellow medals around their necks throughout the performance. When they concluded their set, they left the stage and the Madrigals took the spotlight, eighteen of which were graduating seniors.

The men’s ensemble sang the classic “Johnny Schmoker” while dancing and making the crowd go wild. They couldn’t get enough of the boys’ dance moves and air instruments. Then all the women in the choir came up and sang “Still I Rise,” which gives the concert its title.

Finally, all the singers came on stage and sang “Blessing.” The crowd applauded as they bowed and left the stage.


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