“X” marks the spotlight for Johnny Maxwell

DSC_0521oThe average high school student will do anything to get his or her name out in the world, and  Johnny Maxwell, a junior at CVHS, has accomplished just that.

Maxwell has successfully gone through auditions and performances on season two of The X Factor.

The X Factor is a singing competition where contestants undergo a series of auditions and performances to showcase their talent. The winner receives a $5 million recording contract with Syco/Sony Music.

Maxwell’s first audition aired in September. He sang his original song, “All These People.”

At first, the judges looked tense and hesitant, but all their opinions vanished as the song progressed. Even one of the judges, L.A. Reid sang along to the chorus of the song.

All four judges were impressed by the audition and agreed to let Maxwell advance onto boot camp. Judge Britney Spears called him “passionate and fun to watch,” and also “adorably cute.” Maxwell smiled and gave her a heart sign with his hands.

“My experience was crazy and unreal,” said Maxwell. “It feels not too long ago that I was here in my normal school life, and that I was watching season one of the show. Now I’m heading down to Miami.”

Maxwell participated in the show’s nerve-racking boot camp in Miami. Boot camp reduces the number of contestants by having them sing in another round of performances.

Maxwell unfortunately forgot the lyrics to the song, “I’ll Be Missing You” by P. Diddy, during his performance. But he was determined to continue his journey on The X Factor, and so he made it past the cuts.

“My boot camp performance was not well prepared,” said Maxwell.  “I had too many nerves.”

Maxwell advanced to the next round: the “judges’ houses.” Maxwell sang in an astounding group performance with four other contenders: Austin Corini, Brandon Hassan, Josh Metzler, and Owen Stuart. Together, the five boys known as Playback, performed “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates in front of Simon Cowell and Marc Anthony. Sadly, their performance did not make the cut and they were eliminated from The X Factor.

“The group performance was definitely a new and fun experience,” said Maxwell. “I was more confident because I wasn’t just relying on myself.”

With a growing number of fans, Maxwell believes he blessed and is thankful for his supporters.

“My family and friends have been so supportive since day one,” said Maxwell. “And although we’ve had our ups and downs, I’m glad they’re willing to invest in this.”

Maxwell still continues to work hard and not give up his dream.

“I’m in the process of working on some songs,” said Maxwell. “But if nothing happens for me this year signing-wise, I’ll try going back on next time.”

Successful performances on national television takes talent, time, and effort. Maxwell demonstrated his charisma and confidence as he performed in front a loud, cheerful audience.

The thrill of performing to a huge audience, in front of judges and through television is a life-changing experience.

“It’s taught me to be humble with my whole career, and to be very thankful for everything,” said Maxwell. “It’s really improved my work ethic and taught me to apply myself wherever I can.”

Although he may not be participating in The X Factor anymore, Maxwell has shown the world what he’s capable of, and now countless opportunities are yet to be revealed. All Maxwell needs to do is continue demonstrating his passion, ambitious talent, and the will to never give up.

Shine on, Maxwell.

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