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CVHS Leadership students help homeless

A group of 18 students from the CVHS Leadership class sought to make a difference in their community and got the opportunity to do so during their field trip to Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco.

On Feb. 12, the Leadership class took time off its schedule to help those that are less fortunate. Glide Memorial Church provides food for people who are in need of food to feed themselves and their families. The church tries to help those around them by bringing them a safe place where they can interact and get back on their feet.

The Leadership class started its day at 5 a.m. and headed to the church that was filled with people. There they split themselves into teams of three. Each team had its own job, such as washing dishes, serving food, and passing out utensils. They interacted with people who they normally wouldn’t interact with and became aware of how those less fortunate still manage to keep a positive perspective in life by showering the volunteers with kindness and compliments.

“Interacting and watching those people made me realize that they weren’t very different than us; they just had a rough spot in their lives,” commented Emma Woidtke, a sophomore in Leadership.

Each day, the church has to produce and serve food such as eggs, ham, tangerines, bread, and coffee to more than 700 people. They have a kitchen staff of about 30 people, but need the help of at least 60 volunteers. This experience not only can change the view of the people around them, but can also make people appreciate things that they have in life.

“Walking into the church, I felt wary about the people around me, but walking out,  I became more comfortable with them,” commented Emma Hancock, a senior.

By taking on this experience all students came back with something that opened their eyes to the world around them.