Beltran competes to win the hearts of America

Every year America has a national homecoming queen, with a finalist from each of the fifty states who wins a scholarship to the college they plan to attend.

This year one of the girls competing to be California’s finalist and to move on to compete against the other states finalists is senior April Beltran, who was our homecoming queen. To become eligible to be a California’s finalist, Beltran had to submit an application and a photo, although it is invitation only.

She went through a preliminary judging round based on her application and photo.

State finalists are picked based on personal interviews and prom gown competition.

If she becomes a state finalist she will win a scholarship and move on to compete as national homecoming queen.

Beltran became interested because she’s always wanted to do beauty pageants and has always had an interest in things pertaining to beauty.

Beltran is talkative, polite, and extremely personable; the personal interviews should be no problem to her.

When asked what it would mean to win, she said, “Of course if I won, it would be great for the experience, the overall experience would be great.”

If Beltran wins she hopes to use the scholarship at UC Santa Barbara or CSU Long Beach.

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