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Herendeen to the rescue

Although she’s considered a stranger to CVHS, Monica Herendeen is no stranger to the Castro Valley Unified School District. She has given 20 years of loyalty and commitment to the district, starting out at Canyon Middle School and now working for the high school.

“It’s actually kind of funny, since I was never really formally introduced to the rest of the staff, most of them don’t know me. So it’s usually awkward when they see me in their classroom working,” said Herendeen.

Of all staff members, Herendeen wins the nomination for “most versatile.” Even though she current works in computer support, she has also been an attendance clerk and an aide for special education during her years of service.

“The frustrating thing about being a computer tech supporter is that your job is never done. And even though it can be a little tiring and boring, I enjoy it. I like helping others out, and working at a school, with teens, certainly keeps things interesting,” Herendeen said.

Whether there’s a problem with the school Internet or a problem with computer applications, Herendeen will always be our wonder woman at CVHS.