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“Sky: Children of Light,” a game of adventures

“Sky: Children of Light” is a game full of aesthetic landscape scenes and filled gentle and soft music. Tall temples on green mountains, rainforest with mantas flying on the sky, and bell towers during dusk are just a few of my favorite places to visit. 

The game itself does not give detailed directions as other games do. It wants the players to explore and make discoveries on the way. On your journey, you will meet many people and make new friends, and they will help to guide you through the obstacles.

In this game, the players are the children of light in a kingdom. The stars on the sky of the kingdom were all gone, and the players need to find and restore them. They are located in the seven realms and the stories of the ancestors waiting to be heard.

When I first started playing, I was amazed by all the beautiful scenes, but I found everything confusing. The game gave basic directions of how it worked, but never stated the ultimate goal that I need to achieve. However, it provided an opportunity for the players to help each other and go on adventures together. 

This game has a positive community, in which players are helping each other instead of competing. The experienced ones are guiding the new players on their journey. They teach the new player skills needed and warn them about places to avoid. It reminds me of our ancestors in ancient times telling stories and imparting knowledge to the next generation.

The way to make new friends in the game is also unique. When you met a stranger, you will see them as a dark shadow, unless you light each other’s candles. You can not talk to others directly, but you can sit on a bench with others and talk.  To make a new friend, you need to offer the candles you earn on your adventure. 

The game wants to stress that the more you give, the more you gain. By offering each other candles, the friendship level will increase and more features will be unlocked, such as chat, high-five, and hug. 

This game helps people build relationships with others and provides a place to talk. There is always someone to listen to you, and their encouragements will make your day. Every little detail in this game has made me feel heartwarming.

All features of the game are deliberately set up. The story plots and exquisite scenery made me love this game even more. However, it is a newly developed game. Thus, there are still bugs that need to be fixed.