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“Fall Guys” immerses players in chaos and fun

Have you ever wanted to be king? To bask in the glory of all around you? Well “Fall Guys” is just the right game for you. In a game that allows you to face off against 59 other players, it is you against the world with only one winner that will survive. In a series of life or death scenarios, you are pitted against see-saws, pendulums, boulders and more to make it to the crown. It truly is a test of skill that can either make or break your day.

“Fall Guys” is a video game that has just come off the shelves. However, the lack of content does not hinder the amount of fun that comes from playing it. Rushing through this “Wipeout”-like game truly makes you feel as if you are the one rushing to the finish line. Every round means life or death and as a result keeps you on the edge of your seat seeing if you have what it takes to survive and dawn the crown that one out of 60 can wear per game.

The chaotic nature of this game is shown through the sheer description of these creative and fun game modes. There is never a game mode that isn’t unique or fun. One round you can be jumping across cliffs and getting hit by inflatable balloons and the next you could be climbing up a hill made of slime while fruit is falling against you racing to the finish. Whether you are splashing around in Fall Mountain or are persevering through Slime Climb you and your other vibrant colored foes will be competing for the elusive crown.

Since this is a new release there is no previous game preceding it. Although the concept that it brings should not be a new one. The contents of this game are very similar to the show “Wipeout.” You and other contestants are overcoming obstacles in order to see who can make it to the finish line. There are multiple scenarios that you are put in that will test your dexterity and perseverance. 

With millions of people playing this phenomenon there are many opinions about the game already. “A perfect amont of cheap, stupid fun with online friends,” said Sam Machkovech an avid gamer.  This isn’t the only opinion out there. There is a whole community of players connected in this game. You can find subreddits on Reddit, servers on Discord, and many posts on social media sites such as Instagram. The amount of connections that you can make while having fun in this game is simply amazing.

Whether you are looking for the rush of adrenaline that you have ever so missed in this quarantine or simply want to have a good time, “Fall Guys” is a must buy. From the vibrant environment to the silly physics, “Fall Guys” immerses you every step of the way and every second you spend in this world is one that you will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Get in on the fun. Dawn that crown and race like your life depends on it.