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Seeking love and a visa?

At a beachfront resort in the Philippines, Ed Brown sits with his girlfriend, Rose Vega, whom he wishes to bring back to the United States. “I like the view,” Vega said. “You’re my best view,” Brown replied. Vega, with a disgusted face, replied with a “meh.”

Arguments, fights and also sweet moments are all present in “90 Day Fiance.” The show, which airs on TLC every Sunday evening, follows many couples who are seeking the K1 Visa. The K1 visa is for American citizens who want to marry someone from another country. Ninety days are given for the couple to decide if they would like to stay together and get married or if they are going to split and go back to their home country. The short period of time for couples to decide if they are going to spend the rest of their lives together brings up many issues.

I cannot get enough of this show! I love being able to travel with many of the couples and see their intimate moments. It is genuine and allows me to learn about people from all walks of life. My favorite couple is Brown and Vega. Brown, who is 54 years old, travels to the Philippines to meet his online girlfriend Vega, who is 23. Many problems afloat during his visit, including him lying about his height and his daughter being six years older than Vega. Brown also met Vega’s dad, who is the same age as Brown. He reluctantly approved of their relationship. When Brown tells Vega that he does not want children at a beachfront resort, she gets angry and decides to ditch him. “I think you do not love me. I’m done!” Vega exclaimed. 

“90 Day Fiance” exposes the good, bad, and ugly of real life relationships. It shows how many fight just to make their relationships work and how our borders serve as barriers between love.