Frozen II brings the magic

The sequel to the popular animated movie “Frozen” features the two main characters, sisters Anna and Elsa, and their friends Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf. They hear of an enchanted forest, and are called to it. They discover that a gesture of peace from the past was not what it seems. Anna and Elsa now must make their way to Ahtohallan, the river that holds all the memories of the past, in order to discover the truth.

“Frozen 2” was a very entertaining movie for all ages. It is mostly advertised to young children, but that does not stop anyone from seeing it. I appreciate the overall message about value, peace, and love that the producers made for little kids. 

Children look up to their favorite characters in movies and TV shows, so it’s helpful that the lovable Frozen characters are good role models lead lives that appeal to kids. My favorite character is Olaf, the snowman who loves summer. Many people love his cute and quirky personality, especially kids.

I personally enjoyed “Frozen II” because I remember when the first one came out. I was in elementary school, and I loved it, so it was neat to see these familiar characters on the big screen again. I’m glad that the younger kids like the “Frozen” movies, but it was a little weird going to the theater and seeing kids super excited for the movie that weren’t even born when the first one came out.