New MOD pizza in CV

A newly opened pizza place has opened in the Castro Village. MOD offers delicious pizza made by a friendly workers that make the pies right in front of you. Aside from their pizzas, MOD also sell salads and sides. Customizable pizzas are made with ingredients displayed behind a glass where the staff can ask for your preference on the pizza.

The interior of the restaurant has a modern design with nice lighting and hipster vibes. It also has outdoor seating where you can sit in the sun while enjoying a slice of pizza. The restaurant also has decorated walls on which MOD is spray painted behind the menu. There is also a sticker wall where you can write something and stick it on the wall with other stickers.

MOD Pizza is a chain pizza restaurant that compares to other chains like Pieology and Blaze Pizza. In MOD, you can customize how your pizza is made and what goes on it. The restaurant also offers MOD 11-Inch Classics that are non-customizable pizzas.

MOD offers an assortment of pizza toppings to go on top of their two available pizza crusts. They also offer three different sizes of crusts: 11”, 6”, and the Mega Dough 11” Thick Crust. The Mega Dough 11” Thick Crust is a newly released crust while the 11” is a flatter crust that is most commonly ordered.

For their sides, they sell Cinnamon and Garlic Strips. The Cinnamon Strip is a dessert that can be dipped in different flavored dips such as strawberry, chocolate and cinnamon glaze. Their Garlic Strips are more of a snack than a dessert. They can be dipped in red sauce, pesto, ranch, or sri-rancha.

For their salads, they sell (like the pizza) customizable as well as different classic recipes. Some Classic recipes are Deluxe, Caesar, and Simple.

I recommend getting a customized pizza so you can choose all the toppings that you love on your pizza as well as request how much of what topping you want. Overall, MOD Pizza is a tasty yet slightly pricey pizza place that has good staff.

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