Movie makes millions by simply being a Disaster

With an unexpected mixture of comedic melodrama and a somewhat depressing plot, ¨The Disaster Artist¨ has gained a wave of attention on the media and from critics everywhere.

¨The Disaster Artist¨ is a biographical film directed and produced by James Franco. The film tells the true story of an eccentric Hollywood outsider Tommy Wiseau, (played by James Franco), whose lifelong dream is to become a great and respected filmmaker in the movie industry. In Tommy’s world of constant rejection and ridicule he finds refuge in his best friend, Greg Sestero (played by Dave Franco). Wiseau’s easily identifiable personality is showcased throughout the entire film, his most iconic quote being,  ¨If a lot of people just love each other, the world would be a better place to live.¨

The film takes the audience through the rollercoaster of Wiseau’s original production titled ¨The Room.¨ Wiseau allegedly spent $6 million in order to create and finish the film, However in its first week out it only made $1,800 at the box office.

As ¨The Room¨ gained more popularity and a light was shined onto its eccentricity it soon became a top rated cult classic. The drama was written and produced so poorly, it became a comedy.

“The Room” is the epitome of being so bad that it’s good.  It quickly gained the title “The greatest bad movie ever made”  by its fans. “The Disaster Artist” is an awkwardly endearing tale of friendship and of a man hopelessly following his passion. It is an iconic work of art that will transcend the film industry for generations.

“The Disaster Artist” is in theatres now while “The Room” and Tommy Wiseau are currently on tour showcasing the film in select theatres.

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