A creative way to plan: Bullet Journals

With just a pack of assorted pens, a journal, and a couple of photo inspirations from social media, anyone can start bullet journaling. But first, what is bullet journaling all about? According to Rydell Carroll, the developer of the Bullet Journal, this system permits people to “track the past, organize the present and plan for the future.”

This type of journaling can be found all over social media and has been trending  since last year. It provides another way for people looking to re-organize their life a chance to be creative and still have fun planning out their daily activities. It can even help with time management and allow people to tackle their everyday tasks in an efficient manner!

Personally, I believe that this form of journaling is a wonderful way of applying a little creativity into daily life but it does take some time to set it up just the way you’d like. This is why I’d prefer to keep a regular planner to stay on track; however, if I had more time on my hands, I think I’d give it a shot.

So, if you have some free time on your hands or are just looking for a new way to make 2018 more organized, perhaps making to-do lists and daily spreads in a journal is the way to go.



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