True Love in Twin Peak?

Twenty minutes from downtown San Francisco holds a great view of the beautiful city. If you and your significant other are lost on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you should take a trip down to Twin Peaks.

Venture out early in the morning to go up the 922 feet and witness a sunrise like no other. If you and your partner happen to be night owls, do not hesitate to set out on a late night adventure to marvel at the city lights.

Twin Peaks is a particularly safe destination and is constantly filled with many new and old visitors. Admission is free. ¨We spent the night in the city last Valentine’s Day and after we ate we drove up to Twin peaks and got to see all of San Francisco. It was very beautiful and romantic,” said a local couple from the Bay Area.

There are many restaurants and coffee shops near Twin Peaks Including the locally famous Philz Coffee. The cute and quaint coffee shop resides only a half mile away from Twin Peaks.

So bundle up, grab some coffee and get cozy next to your valentine while overlooking the city by the bay.


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