Single by 30, YouTube show’s success

YouTubers are taking over the entertainment field by storm, from book deals to movies, to their very own television series. The TV show Single By 30 by Wong Fu Productions is YouTube Red’s latest smash-hit.

Single By 30 was made in collaboration with New Form Digital. The idea for the series was made a year ago in hopes that it would get picked up by a bigger production company.

The show’s plot is about two people who make a pact in their senior year of high school to get married if they were still single at age 30. Not thinking that they would be single by 30, they both agreed to it. Years go by and they lose touch, until they coincidentally meet a few months before their thirtieth birthdays. They remember their pact and see if they are still up to it. They don’t want to be pressured, but the idea of having a backup eases them a bit into trying to get into a relationship. The two struggle with problems like wondering if they actually like each other or if it’s just the pact.

Wong Fu Productions is a production company that was started by Philip Wang, Wesley Chan, and Ted Fu in 2003, before Youtube was even around. As soon as it was available, it was a great medium for them to launch their videos, and after they were able to buy Youtube likes to jumpstart their channel, they were on a track to success. They primarily feature Asian American actors in their videos in hopes of closing the gap of Hollywood not typically hiring Asian Americans. They want to show that Asians can act just as well as people of any other race. This conflict of Asians not typically being in the spotlight is still an issue today, but with shows like FreeForm’s Fresh Off The Boat, it seems like we’re getting closer to closing the gap.

YouTube Red is YouTube’s latest addition to the website. For $9.99 a month, people can access quality original content in addition to the regular content that creators produce. The payment includes ad-free videos and supports the creators that you watch.

Wong Fu Productions makes short films and skits mainly in the comedic and romantic area. They like to hit feel-good topics or things that really like to make you think about different perspectives on life.

Single by 30 was Wong Fu Productions’ biggest project since their movie, Everything Before Us. Their special take on relationships and the world is why people love them. With more than 2.7 million fans and supporters worldwide, Wong Fu Productions has had the opportunity to tour the world and visit many colleges across the U.S., and have been able to feature their films in film festivals and receive many awards across the years.  

As a whole, the show deserves a 5 out of 5 for their amazing cinematography, witty script, and overall amazing cast and acting. The show is just truly amazing.

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