Prepare for the attack to come

Have you ever thought of what would happen if our whole planet was under a chemical attack by unknown beings? 10 Cloverfield Lane, directed By Dan Trachtenberg, is excitingly suspenseful, making you hold your breath throughout the whole film in anticipation for a good scare.

In an apocalyptic setting, there are three survivors in a bunker, one of them being the bunk owner. Michelle, the protagonist, starts to suspect that Howard, the bunk owner, is lying about the chemical attack. She attempts to escape the bunk, finding clues about Howard’s past along the way. Expecting to stay a year to two years, Michelle starts to get comfortable with Emmett, a worker that helped Howard build the bunk.

10 Cloverfield Lane is the perfect movie to get your heart racing. It makes you feel as if you are inside the movie, experiencing all of the characters’ struggles with them. In typical thrillers, you can always tell what’s going to happen next, but 10 Cloverfield Lane leaves you clueless as you bite your nails throughout the whole movie, never knowing where the story will take you. You’re in for a whirlwind of surprises.

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