Try a spoonful of Silverspoon

If you ever have a craving for good chinese food and find yourself on Castro Valley Boulevard, I recommend stopping by Silver Spoon Gourmet Cuisine.

The waiters are extremely friendly, and their service is great. They even went out of their way to memorize my usual order, as well as the names of my boyfriend and me. Though they can get busy around dinner time, they make up for it with wittiness and hospitality while serving guests.

Typically the food is quite delicious though and I fully recomend getting my usual order: beef with string beans, sizzling rice soup, and a pot of rice for two (if you go with a date). The sizzling rice soup in particular, is a very interesting dish. It is full of various vegetables and boiled prawns, then a waiter pour steaming hot fried rice into it (right in front of you). The soup makes a loud sizzling noise and is very tasty.

The drinks there, specifically the teas, are good as well. On a warm day I usually get a Thai iced tea which is a bright orange color and very sweet. On hot days I get the hot Hong Kong tea which is a warm coffee color and a little less sweet. The drinks can take time since they are brewed in the back by the owner, Simon, but they are worth the wait in my opinion.

The price of a good and well-rounded meal isn’t too bad. Though it’s not as cheap as China Bowl down the Boulevard, it isn’t as expensive as Le Cheval in Oakland which serves the same type of meals. A dinner for two that consist of a dish to share, a pot of rice, two drinks, and either a soup or appetizer will come out to around $30 including tax and tip.

Overall, I love Silver Spoon and I’m a loyal customer. If you have the time and money, I really recommend it.

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