Mall Cop 2

In the sequel to Andy Fickman’s original Mall Cop film, Kevin James once again stars as the New Jersey mall cop and beloved single father to his now teenage daughter, played by Raini Rodriguez. Having triumphed  over crime in his local hometown mall in the previous movie, James now takes his talents to a new level in Las Vegas where he stumbles upon a sophisticated and diabolical syndicate of art thieves led by Vincent Sofel.

Fickman showcases the considerable talents of comedian James within the setting of a showy hotel casino which is hosting a convention for security professionals. James wrestles with a number of common struggles.  He has no other family and he has to deal with his daughter’s upcoming departure to college. He also deals with constant insecurity and disrespect. In spite of these obstacles, he has visions of greatness. He heroically rises to the challenge of his rivals through relentless determination, resourcefulness, and his unique set of skills. As James defiantly announces to the criminals, “It’s a bad day to be bad people!”

A comical scene that I enjoyed was when Paul Blart, the character played by James, was in a tranquil room with a vigorous piano player. Then in comes a nice-looking gray crowned crane. James starts to feel uneasy as the crane comes closer to him,  and he kicks at the crane hysterically. The annoyed crane began to hiss and attack James.  As they are fighting, the pianist is calmly playing which I thought was pretty humorous.  The piano player was not helping James at all,  instead he was playing along as if James and the Crane were in a romantic situation.

 If you ever want a good laugh, I highly recommend this movie. James is a hysterical actor.  The movie was full of suspense and humor. Fickman skillfully ties together so many series of actions into a sweet ending.

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