Golden Tee Golfland: a great attraction

A struggle that teenagers constantly face is deciding what to do on a Friday night. A struggle more specific to inhabitants of the small town of Castro Valley would be figuring out how to get there, because this little city is only surrounded by notable attractions without actually containing that many itself. A location unique to our city, however, is Golden Tee Golfland.

At first mention, mini-golfing seems neither typical nor appealing. Golfland, however, was able to defy expectations and show that one doesn’t have to go too far to find some entertainment.

Located on Castro Valley Boulevard, Golfland can be reached from the high school in less than a half an hour walk. Mini-golfing is usually an activity done with friends, so walking with friends would seem to go by in a flash.

The location itself only offers a total of 36 holes that are separated into two different sections, and customers have the option to buy a $9.99 ticket on Saturdays or Sundays for only 18 holes. Tickets are a dollar cheaper from Mondays to Fridays. After they’re done, a $3 ticket for a replay could be purchased. The inner side of the place does prove to be more entertaining and have more challenging holes, but as a whole, Golfland offers a unique experience.

Besides mini-golfing, there is also an arcade inside of Golfland. It includes many classic games such as Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune, and Dance Dance Revolution. Like any other arcade, customers are rewarded with tickets after winning any game that they can then exchange for prizes.

Golfland gave me a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was there around dinnertime, so I did get a little bit hungry after golfing, but it was within walking distance of some of Castro Valley’s many fast food restaurants. If I have the time, I’d definitely plan to go back there.

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