See what happens behind the scenes during plays

DSC_0007When you go to a show, all you look at are the actors, but have you ever stopped to think about what goes on behind the scenes? Behind all of the special effects and moving props, the people dressed all in black have a very significant role.

Looking behind the scenes at the Alice in Wonderland play, various power tool sounds can be heard accompanied by the smell of paint and the movements of bustling people. Lifting the curtain can reveal the Alice in Wonderland stage crew hard at work.

When asked about the stage crew experience, first time crew member Maricela Corona replied, “It’s good so far, it’s just bad when people don’t show up to help. I also really like seeing how everything backstage works.”

Stage crew is definitely stressful, but gives the participants a sense of community and trust.

“You really need to trust people to carry their weight,” states Corona. “We all have different jobs, but work as one giant machine.”

In stage crew, there are a lot of learning opportunities. Spotlight Operator Thomas Anthony remarked, “I’ve learned how to build a box, use a staple gun, and a power jig-saw, and all the work that goes behind a performance.”

But stage crew wouldn’t be possible without Patrick Brandon, the technical director for the show.

Brandon talks about his favorite part of stage crew. “I love working with the students when they learn something and then create something of their own.”

When asked about the Alice in Wonderland crew, Brandon said, “It has been a great crew, they are dedicated, hardworking, and persistent.”

Even though the job can be stressful, everyone is excited for the upcoming production. Brandon sums it up best stating, “I am looking forward to seeing it all come together, because it’s a total team effort seen on stage.”

The stage crew is a hardworking, well-oiled machine, which definitely deserves a standing ovation.

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