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Praise for Saving Mr. Banks

I went to go see Saving Mr. Banks at the Regal Hacienda Crossings in Dublin. This movie takes place in 1961 and starts with Walt Disney’s daughter, who is a huge fan of the book Mary Poppins. Her dad, Walt Disney is a producer and director for Disney movies. She loves the books so much she begs him to make it into a movie, so he goes searching for the author, finally meets her, and starts to discuss how they are going to make the movie.

At first the writer of the book, P.L. Travers was reluctant to the idea of turning her prized possession into a movie, but after the sales of her book started decreasing she decided to give it a try. Disney constantly struggled with trying to please her and after she opened up she revealed a big story. Even though they had problems at first, it ended up turning into one of the best movies of that time era.

My favorite part was when Disney took Travers to Disneyland for the first time. She usually is this stiff old lady who doesn’t show many emotions and that was the first time she really expressed herself and showed she was having fun. It was kind of the turning point in the movie.

Everyone should go see Saving Mr. Banks because it was really entertaining and interesting movie. I also found it to be a cool because it was based off a true story. The movies has a lot of emotions and things that people can relate to. It’s appropriate for high school age rating PG-13, and it’s still in theaters.

Evan Kwong

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