CVHS students win autoshop award

Teacher Daren Rees and his students except award. Photo by Robbie Brandt

Castro Valley High has received another award. But this time, it wasn’t for sports or academics, it was for automotive skills. We received the award for getting first place in the Ford Triple A auto skills competition. The competition is an event in which ten different schools from all over Northern California compete to test their knowledge of automotive technology.

The competition consisted of a written test and a hands on test. For the hands on test,  teams were given a Ford Fiesta with ten different problems. They each had to assess and solve the problems.

The event took place at the Blackhawk automotive museum. After the competition, teams were allowed to explore the museum and had two banquets inside the museum.

autoshop-colorprintOne of the students involved in this event was senior Darren Theard.

“The experience was fun and a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Theard.

For coming in first place, students were awarded with a $1,000 scholarship to Ohio state automotive school, tools, and a very large trophy.

Darren Rees, the auto teacher at CVHS, expressed his gratitude toward our students.

“I’m super proud of everyone who competed in the competition and I’m happy that as a first year teacher I already have a trophy,” added Rees.

The students involved should be very proud of their accomplishment.

“I will definitely be fixing cars professionally, I love doing it and even if I don’t do it professionally it will always be a hobby of mine,” Theard said.

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