Teen Wolf: the show for teens

logoThe hit MTV show, Teen Wolf, is not only a Saturn and Teen Choice Award winner, but also an exciting, action-packed, teen angst-filled phenomenon, capturing the attention of teenagers everywhere.

Teen Wolf tells the story of Scott McCall, a high school lacrosse-player living in the town of Beacon Hills, who in the first episode gets bitten by a werewolf and then turns into one. McCall and his human best friend, Stiles Stilinski, learn to deal with the “new normal” as their town becomes the home to werewolf dangers and their normal teenage lives are gone.

Apart from having werewolf problems, McCall has some relationship issues like every other normal teen.  His main love interest is Allison Argent, who recently moved into town and just so happens to be from a long line of werewolf hunters.  For almost all of season one, she is unaware of her hunting family and the fact that her hot new boyfriend is a werewolf.  She eventually learns, but gets over it quickly and gets back to the steamy make out scenes.

Other characters include Derek Hale, a mysterious werewolf also living in Beacon Hills, Lydia Martin, Allison’s best friend, and Jackson Whittemore, Martin’s ex-boyfriend and McCall’s lacrosse teammate who only appears in seasons one and two.  Eventually they all learn the werewolf secret and have to all adjust to their new issues and lifestyles.

Some people like to think it’s just another “twilight-spinoff-knockoff-dumb-vampire-show.” However, the storyline is completely different since there are no sparkling vampires.

The show is definitely a show for young adults. It includes many high action fight scenes and chase scenes along with some gore and thriller aspects.  Besides all that,there are more adult romance themes and scenes that may not be suitable for children.

Teen Wolf is a thrilling, action-packed, romance-filled, new show that’s great to fill those Monday nights at 10 pm on MTV.


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