“Blow the Roof” takes Dubstep to a new level

The album Blow the Roof is made up of heavy Dubstep beats by Flux Pavilion, an English DJ. The album is made up of eight original mixes, including my personal favorite, “The Scientist.”

Flux Pavilion has been off the scene for the past year after releasing his single, “Daydreamer.”
Joshua Steele, known as Flux Pavilion, co-owns his own record label, Circus Records, with Doctor P and DJ Swan-E. He is known best for his hit single, “Bass Cannon,” from 2011, which peaked at number 56 on the UK singles chart and was placed on the Radio 1 A-list. One of his tracks, “I Can’t Stop,” was used in the viral Kony 2012 campaign and was featured in the snowboarding game SSX.
The heavy beats in this album really helped me enjoy it because the songs themselves sounded so simple. My favorite mix from the album would have to be “The Scientist,” due to the clever adding of lyrics which give the song a funky vibe.

If you are a bass head like me, or looking for something catchy to listen to, I definitely recommend this album.


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