“Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” appeals to kids and adults alike

When Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted came to theaters in July, I’ll admit that it was on my “must-see” list. The previous two movies were hilarious and entertaining, so I could hardly imagine it could get any better, sillier, or more comical.

The new movie surpassed expectations by the tenfold. I went with my little cousins to see the movie with our entire family, and not only were the little kids laughing, but the big kids and adults were near hysterics within the first five minutes.

The opening scene begins with the ending of the previous movie, Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. Still stranded, the four New York-loving zoo animals Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman tail the mischievous penguins to Monte Carlo, in a desperate attempt to return to their beloved zoo. Things don’t go as planned as they literally “crash the party,” scaring everyone and putting the notorious animal control officer Captain Chantel DuBois on their tails. The movie progresses, chronicling the four friends’ terribly funny antics joining a circus in the attempt to reach New York before Officer DuBois can catch them, kill them, and mount their heads on her office wall.

As they continue to elude animal control, viewers learn a few important lessons along the way. The most important lessons from this movie are to pursue our passions and to always stick with friends who believe in us even if we have ceased to believe in ourselves.

Throughout the entire film, I’m not sure if any of my family members, young or old, contained their laughter for more than five minutes. This movie was positively rib-tickling and my cheeks hurt after laughing and smiling so much. I definitely give this great pick-me-up movie five stars.

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