2021-2022 officers shrive for unity

Lauren Green was elected as the next ASB president in the elections held virtually on March 17. In the next school year, she plans to continue her “Community Closet” project that she began last year.

“I would like to finish up my project that I have been working on, which is the Community Closet, a place on our campus where students in need can grab clothing, toiletries, and other essentials throughout the school year,” said Green.

Wandii Muinde was elected ASB vice president. She hopes to create an event for all clubs to bond and work together next school year.

“If safe to do so, I would like to create a week long CVHS clubs olympics where clubs would sign up to participate in competitive games against one another. This would bring students together and celebrate the uniqueness of our clubs on campus,” said Muinde.

Jaylene Cole was elected ASB secretary. She plans to give more recognition to clubs and give students more say in planning activities.

“I’d like to give more recognition to clubs here at CVHS. I’d also like to give students more of a say in upcoming school activities and events, especially homecoming,” said Cole.

Jake Zakas was elected ASB treasurer. He plans furthering fundraising for the school as well as listening for more input from students.

“I want to provide better fundraising opportunities for our school and assure that every student knows they have a voice that will be heard by me,” said Zakas.

Jennifer Mi was elected ASB school board representative. She plans to better connect the student body with the school board. 

“My goal is to gain the input of students, connect with schools across the district, and communicate back and forth with the school board and my peers,” said Mi. 

Senior class officers are Jamie Fong as president, Honna Nguyen as vice president, Amanda Wong as secretary, and Emma Fogle as treasurer.

“I want to ensure that next year we make the year as normal as possible and jam pack it full of events. I want to have as many senior events as we can to make up for the loss of this year,” said Fong.

Junior class officers are Amaya Minor as president, Lily Flagg as vice president, Julia Warren as secretary, and Cynthia Pan as treasurer. 

“No matter the circumstances, I strive to make CVHS a more fun and welcoming environment for all to enjoy and be themselves. I want to make events with the student’s ideas in mind, listen to their feedback and apply it to future projects,” said Minor.

Sophomore class officers are Ava Alburo as president, Cassandra Antinero as vice president, Alexia Suciu as secretary, and Carissa Lee as treasurer. 

“I understand this year was not the ideal way to start our high school career, but I promise that I will do what I can to make this upcoming school year as exciting and memorable as possible,” said Alburo.

The freshmen officers have yet to be elected by their respected middle schools.

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